creating linear brush instead of overlapping

Specifically, I need help with a single brush. I want a leather stitching brush. I found one for zbrush that I made my own in gimp and tried in sculptris but learned that the brush did not repeat in a linear fashion as much as it overlapped its self more or less based on speed at which applied on the tablet. I tried in dyntopo and it was the exact same issue. It is a seamless texture and I would like it to repeat without overlap if possible… maybe this is one of those “it worked in zbrush because you get what you pay for!” kind of things but if there is ANY way to do it, or if anyone has any suggestions for OTHER ways to create leather stitching brushes, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you.

I don’t think Blender has code for that.
A workaround i imagine could be (after setting up the brush texture) to set the Texture tab “Angle” to Rake (so it follow the direction of your brush/pencil stroke, adjust the default Angle that is set to 0 by default to another value if the rake does not provide you the exact orientation you want)

And then , probably the most important change the Space setting in the Stroke tab until you find a value in which 2 itteration of the brush texture will not overlap when you strike the sculpt

Unfortunately if your brush texture is visually complex, the result may not be very satisfying, unfortunately it’s a point in which zbrush is indeed way superior to blender in how it deals with such situation from what i saw on videos.

In Multires you may need a high multires subdivision level to get the detail nice , and in Dyntopo you will need a very low detail (less than detail : 2 ) in order to keep some detail for your texture brush (and have a higher vertice density where you dyntopo sculpt that too)

Thank yyou so much for the reply, I did set it to rake but never adjusted my iterations. I bet they are set to “tablet acceleration” or something like that.

I figured this would be one of those “you get what you pay for” kind of things considering how expensive zbrush is, and how free blender is XD lol.

My brushes are somewhat complex but I might be able to bring the complexity down a little. I dont know. here is what they look like.