Creating LODs to UE4. Please Help

is it possible to this workflow in new blender 2.80? because I tried CTRL+G then when I imported it in UE4 instead of one mesh with LODs I get many mesh inside with the following name G_LOD0, G_LOD1, G_LOD2 I haven’t seen this seriously take by the blender community as we all are doing stills images and show only but not in game development.

I am more on real pipeline to integrate this for game development and not for just eevee showcase and stills rendering. I am really kind of frustrated over this days trying to figure out am I really going to stay or out in blender this simple matters really confusing me.

also I posted one and still didn’t get an answer why?

you can see the attachment once I removed the collection still nothing happen, you god blender user what is your workflow then? I haven’t seen this much in youtube everyone want to use third add-on which is for me okay but not reliable I wanted to use blender alone and not rely on third part add-on as other software I used for specific task, MAYA has it’s own LOD Group which in Blender NONE. thanks.

here is the attachment of LOD creation in Maya which is uhm not happening in blender.


seriously? 1 day?

  1. Blender knows nothing about LODs. You have to export every LOD as a separate object, then import each one separately in UE4 in Static Mesh Editor > Details > LOD Settings > LOD import.

  2. There’s a way to export a set of objects into a LOD goup with the FBX exporter, but that is way more troublesome than the above, so I don’t recommend it. You would just waste more time doing it than doing the above because it’s so particular.

  3. In 2.79 you can easily export LODs using GYAZ Export Tools (Seamless Blender To Unreal 4 (FBX)). Once 2.80 is ready to be actually used and not just to play around with, I will update the addon for 2.80.

  4. UE4 has built in LOD generation, it can simplify meshes, bake out materials so take advantage of that whenever possible.

Would be nice if Blender had a built-in LOD system at least for the sake of eevee and game assets.

I’ll take note of this one, but it is counter-intuitive to do this every time to import a LOD that supposedly in one swoop of export rather than one by one imagining a tree with 5 LODs, wow.

are you the author of this one? though If this is still inside 2.79b and I am using full 2.80 I always end up export fbx then import it back to 2.79b and then export it again. 2.80 is going towards STILLS and ANIMATION but not really in complete game dev pipeline.

I wouldn’t touch this I have a current workflow for baking and as long as I can remove that using UE4 I will.

even in Blender group in Facebook no one answer my inquiry as more people are attractive on memes rather than on actual problem blender is facing though maybe not a problem for them.

blender has a lack of everything that I am trying to reach out to this so-called blender GOD as they mention. this is the problem I am trying to get off of using Blender only a few.

Unwrap packing algorithm is a real shit none the less everyone ALWAYS wants to use an add-on like Textools it’s good but it is the duty of blender to provide a level to level with Maya packing algorithm since unfold3D or 3DCoat.

Blender now is all about Eevee nothing more nothing less, the addition was the UI alone and a few speed when it comes to modeling blender relies most on the add-on.

The blender community on this technical stuff is somewhat silence and will insist it is good for game dev while everyone just export a low poly albedo only meshes in both unity and ue4 or godot or whenever engine that is maybe that is why Maya and Max are still on that part. sorry but this is what I see on blender side.

I see a lot of blender Stills okay then but where will you use it? in-game? animation? movie? VFX? character? how about a real working pipeline that they said all can do inside blender alone. not all people and artists are just there to show their beautifully craft images but on a side of working in a game Dev that is eager to integrate in an ACTUAL working pipeline.

I haven’t seen any showcase of this blender 2.80 in any youtube about the game devloper all I see is this grease pencil, eevee, and what?

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