Creating loop

Hello! Im new to blender and therefore to this community.

As a noob, i think the doubt i have is very easy to solve: i want to make a new loop between 2 existing ones. In fact i’m quite sure i’ve done that before, but i have gone through all the tutorials i did again and i can’t find it.

Also i don’t know what to search for in the manual to find something like that, i tried with “loop”, “new loop”, “chamfer”, etc, but nothing seems to work.

I know I maybe wasn’t clear enough, so there goes an image to explain what i want to do.

Thanks in advance for your help :smiley:

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Quickest way I can think of: Select the nine vertices within the area where you want to create the new “loop” and subdivide once (press W -> Subdivide).
To get better topology, use “Loop Subdivide” (Ctrl-R, Menu Mesh->Edges) four times around the center of the new “loop”

Blender does not support ngons, so you can’t get the topology shown in your “after” image. Here’s what you get (left shows first method, right the second)

Hope it helps!

Thank you for your quick answer, it was very useful

You’re welcome, glad I could help!

Here’s another way:

Select the four edges around the vertex you’ve selected in your “before” image

Hit k-key, select knife (midpoints)

Draw a cut around the vertex through each of the four edges

Hit enter

Select the four new vertices on the new diagonal edges

Scale them out until you have the square in the “after” image.

Should look like attachment now :evilgrin:


Another method

  1. select the orginal 4 faces
  2. extrude region then esc.
  3. scale the already selected faces to size.


Edge loop is a row of vertices in which each vertex (in some cases - except the ends) is connected exactly to two vetices not belonging to the row, that are placed from both sides of the row.
So the mesh structure that you want to create is not an edge loop.

Examples of loops (selected edges) - below