Creating Low-Poly scenes

Hello BA,

I’ve lately been observing a great deal of 3D low-poly scenes and got specifically inspired by following picture:

Looking in to creating such scenes myself, I’m on the hunt for the proper softwares. As to create a scene like the picture shown, would it all be possible using exclusively Blender, or would you suggest combining the scenes components in another software?

Currently my go-tos, excluding Blender, are Unity and Photoshop. Which softwares would you use with Blender, what would you suggest I’d do, and am I even on the right path?

Kind regards!

You can make just about any kind of low poly scene you want in Blender - how you go about doing so is up to you. Take a look:
(not my video)

An easy way to achieve the “low-poly” style is just to model something and then use the decimate modifier