Creating material preset

Hi all. I don’t have much experience in blender so maybe this is an easy thing but I haven’t found an answer to how yet. I have a number of materials I have to create that will each have a diffuse, spec, rough and normal image input. I wondered if it’s possible to create one and then save it as a preset so for all of the other materials I can at least start with my nodes set up and then specify the right images. If so, how do you do this? Thanks.

Create a node group. So build it, select them all and ctrl+g. Press the little button to save the data block. Name it something so you know what it is. Save startup file.

@sirmaxim’s idea will work if you are creating a material that you would like to use anytime you open Blender (like a specific type of glass, wood, marble, etc.). But if this material is specific to this project or this file, you’d probably want to do this:

  1. Make sure you’ve customized your first material to go with your first object. We’ll call it “Material1”.
  2. Assign “Material1” to your second object. This makes two objects share the same material data-block and makes “Material1” multi-user.
  3. You will see that “Material1” now has a number 2 in a box next to its data-block name in the Material panel (see attached screenshot below). If you hover over the 2, it tells you that it is displaying the number of users of that data. Go ahead and click the 2 to make a single-user copy. This copies all the properties of the original material but gives it a new name - it should now be “Material1.001”.
  4. Make changes to the new material however you want as it is now unlinked from your original material. Change its name to something meaningful like “Material2”.
  5. Do this as many times as you want for the other materials you want to make.