Creating MoCap Animation with Blender Motion Tracking?

I’m fairly new to blender motion tracking, and I’m just wondering if it’s possible to take several recordings of a single acting session for motion capture animation (all at different angles of course) and, using motion tracking (Tomato branch I think?) create animation data, instead of synching a blender scene to a video. Just a simple yes or no would be find in my case. Sorry if it’s blatantly obvious on the internet that its possible, I just haven’t found any answers searching the internet.

I’m also curious about this
I was thinking, would it be possible to 2d track footage of an actors face then convert the 2d data to emptys then use those empty’s as drivers. I’m still a newb at rigging so i’m not sure if theres a better solution.

i think with object motion tracking, it will open a way to actually do Mocap in blender, but i think it will still needs coding and more coding.