Creating mountains

I have implemented a 3d viewport so you can use Texpainter to create naturalistic mountains. Here is a demonstration:

This generates clear ridges, which is hard to achieve with the A.N.T add-on.

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Ohh interesting i definitively will have a closer look into it. But be aware (in the readme on the github page):

How to compile
On ubuntu

Not everbody uses ubuntu(-linux) so you may have not very much responses here.
( You may explore something like AppImage , Flatpak ( or even Snap) and to distribute your TexPainter even more maybe even (i’m struggleing to say) windo 10.5 … )
:slight_smile: i’m on debian

I only refers to what I am using my self. Though I guess Debian may have similar package names. You will find maike and wad64 among my other repos.

Yes i saw this… also very up to date with C++20… it seems you are also developing your own building system… (as i said i have to look into this… it’s on my list :wink: )