Creating multiple shapekeys, some interfere with each other


Is there anything I can do to prevent or stop shapekeys from warping other shapekeys?

For example (my scene is a character in snow)
I have 1 mesh, it is a hand and a skinned sleeve around the hand.
The clothing sleeve I want to have it closed at the ends and the hands will pop out.

I also used a shape key to help bend sleeve around the elbow.

When I use the shape keys one at a time they work perfectly.

When I change the shape key which bends the elbow sleeve with the arm inside.
The scrunched end of the sleeve clips through and the hands come outside.

Because I will rely on other shapekeys to move the sleeve on different directions I cannot use the elbow shapekey to move the hand back into position.


I think maybe seperating the hand and the sleeve to 2 meshes may help but I want to try it this way with single mesh.

It seems to be because the vertices where the hand is have moved when the elbow shapekey moves.

I hope that there is some option I don’t know about.

When you add a new shape, add it with this option :