creating new object

I was reading a tutorial on making a castle, and It said to select the bottom of a pentagon and make it a new object. It didn’t say what to do to make it a new object and I’m a little lost. Any help?

I’m not sure what you mean… Could you post a link to the tutorial?

Uhm… maybe it referred to pressing P when something is selected to make a separate object out of it.

I think it was refering to pressing p, but when i press p the program freezes and I dont know why.

Without going through the tutorial again, I seem to remember that there may have been a missing step or an assumption about swithching back to object mode from EDIT mode (TAB key).

Seperate objects are created from OBJECT mode. If you’re in EDIT mode and and another cube/sphere/plane …etc, those “objects” become part of the current object.

These links may help.

I would suggest you look at the modelling tutorial in the “summer of Docs” (see link in my signature), for a more up to date tutorial.


You have to press P in EditMode.

In object mode, P starts the game engine. That might be why it’s “crashing”.

Probably (maybe) not crashing … just going into game mode :smiley:


“p” starts the game engine, just press ESC to exit from it.


Thanks I’ll give it a shot

It worked. Thanks for your help