Creating objects in different 3d view

Hi, everyone!
I’m pretty new to blender and following different tutorials vigorously.^^

In most tutorials when creating new object, the object creates aligning to that view port.
for example when the object is created in front view port the object like plane’s local z axis is
facing front and not world z axis.
However in my case whenever I create object in different view port the object always follows
world coordinate system. I have to rotate the object according to my needs later.
How can I create object that aligning local view axis.

I’m using blender 2.47 and Windows Vista 64bit.
Thank you.

This was a “feature” added in 2.46 to stop the confusion of autodesk users. If you want the old behavior back, pull down the top header to view the Preference Window, go to the Edit Methods Context, and under the section Add New Objects: enable Aligned to View. You can also enable switch to Edit Mode if you wish; another behavior of older versions of Blender.

Thank you egan!