Creating pattern on clothing, How would approach this?

I trying to learn a new method in creating complex pattern on clothing.
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Something like the references image, I used to manually paint them using Blender’s texture paint but this is really time consuming and the quality(especially if the pattern in a complex one) is not always consistent.

So I’m wondering is there another efficient method to do it. Thank you in advance.

I’d create that using vector software, such as Inkscape or Affinity Designer (just listing the two I know but there are more). Curves are hard to paint well with just a brush, unless you’ve got a steady hand and turn on stabilization (shift+s in Blender).

An alternative here is to make meshes (or other rendering objects like curve objects) and render them for texture images, or bake selected-to-active. Blender is vector drawing software, and 2D vectors fit inside 3D space, although applications like Inkscape do offer different, more specialized tools.

A lot of it depends on how much of a modeller you are vs. how much of a 2D artist you are.

I haven’t gotten to this part in the course, but looks like you can do this using procedural textures. has the course on procedural shading and textures. The pattern looks similar to the type of procedural patterns used in the tutorial.

@humanartist @Hadriscus @bandages thank you so much for replying. I have try the “bake selected-to-active” and currently looking into the procedural course. Truth to be told, I’m not sure if this what I’m looking for either as expected there is many way to accomplish it. I will just have to try and see which method is better suitable to my workflow. Again, thank you for replying.

I gave a try.

I think I failed.


procedural pattern.blend (820.9 KB)