Creating Police/Hazard tape

I have a scene in which I wish to create the remnants of some hazard tape, such as this:

But tied around a post, such as this:

Does anyone have any ideas/hints as to how I might model this in Blender?


so you just want to create and texture the tape, or does it need to be tied around something, as in the picture?

It needs to be tied around something, with a knot and that wrinkled effect that’s the part I’m struggling to get my head around. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

I too am interested in this topic. I’ve a crime scene that I"m working on in a cargo yard.

Here’s one. Might be the brute force way of doing things but anyway

wrap_around.blend (570 KB)

That uses few modifiers. I applied array modifier which was the first to get the actual geometry for full length.

  • subsurf to add geometry
  • curve to get that geometry around the pole
  • vertex proximity to get different levels of weights in vertex group, which shrinkwrap then uses and we get different levels of shrinkwrap
  • shrinkwrap
  • simple deform to add more variation

after you texture it, you can make some wrinkles and then squash them together using proportional editing and the scaling widget

Filled in some blanks. What I want to do is actually surround a scene not just a single object. Thinking that a combination of above plus a cloth sim with pinning to get the hang right between points. Using ascii art for just a moment

      |                             |
      x                             x
      |                              |

Deliberately unsymmetrical. The x’s represent places the tape is wrapped around and the lines the tape itself.