creating programs (not games) with the bge?

Hello everyone,

I suppose I just wanted to voice a bit of an odd idea I just had. I have started looking into python programming and making GUI’s for creating my own programs with customized functions just for the heck of it. It’s all a little complex though, and then I wondered if I could just use the blender game engine I’m already familiar with. People already create menus for their games, that’s essentially a GUI. You could make a calculator program, a piano program, or anything else you could imagine. It would be easy to register keystrokes and mouse movement .and that sort of stuff. I understand that most of the programs I would build are already available and many are even open-source, but like I said already, it would just be a fun project on the weekends:eyebrowlift:

Maybe all it needs is for this to be mentioned and hundreds of blender users will start creating much more than just games!!!
Man I love blender:D

yeah, this is actually quite possible,

but first asses a goal, then try to achieve it,

what do you want to make?

with AGoose using BGE ->Bpy ->models back to blender,

it would seem anything is possible,

like Gimp in the bge, where you draw on models :smiley:

in game map editor?

Content that can be used by a large audience,

You could, but it would be horribly inefficient. It might be good as an exercise to learn some dos and don’ts of the interface design of whatever you’re trying to make, but you’d be much better served learning a more efficient language (heck, you could probably just use Python outside of Blender) if you intend it to be actually used.

editing a game, in engine, with another game seems like it could be a good idea,

being able to test, design, test design, in one window…

Bad idea to use a 3D renderer for a program that doesn’t require 3D. Many systems can’t run OpenGL 2.0, and it’s much more taxing on their system than a simple GUI; basically, the GPU would be processing data where the GPU isn’t even needed. The engine also isn’t really well optimized and lacks multitasking.
It could very easily make just about any program with the right amount of time and skill, but I would recommend against it. A Python gui module or Visual Basic would be better.

Yeah, probably overkill unless you really need it.

I see what you guys are saying, why use 3d tech when you don’t need it. The game editor blueprintrandom suggested would be interesting. Anybody have a suggestion at what language and our software I should look at for this kind of thing? I heard that python is easy to learn but slower, C is harder to learn but faster. I have been learning python to create programs out of blender, but I’m still a little lost on all of this :slight_smile:
Hey, BluePrintRandom could you post some links to the stuff you were talking about? Sound worth looking into!

A game is already an application. So you are already there.

What makes an application a game?
This depends on how you define “game”. Typically it is an application that is supposed to let you have fun ;).

I use blender for lots of things, from video editing to viewing exotic image/video formats.
I also mis-use the BGE for lot’s of things, including creating a graph of the motion of a double pendulum (for a uni report no less), and a multitude of other things. (Visualizations, simulations, testing algorithms, anything needing 3d graphics, or anthing that BGE provides)

My advice:

  • Use what you know
  • Don’t bother with C unless you are working on embeded systems or need thing to run super super fast. Python with tkinter is just fine.

I’m telling you! If you know python and blender, you can make anything!! You can make a program that does anything, and you can use blender to represent the data visually. Honestly, having learned blender and python, I feel like I can make whatever I want.

Ok, how much flexibility will I get with TKinter? I have been looking at that. Like, could I make sliders, dials, boxes to load external files?

The project that started this was I wanted to make there ultimate digital music sythesizer/mixer/modifier. How difficult would all this be?

Assuming you’re using libraries to handle the low-level audio processing, you’d probably need to know C and be familiar with the audio pipeline. An example of such as library would be the audaspace library that Blender/BGE uses. It’d probably be a long learning process, but hey if you’re down for it :eyebrowlift2:.

As for creating a piano program, that seems simpler like press a key -> play a note. Building a visual equalizer, you could probably do. Actually an equalizer might be a good start before trying to build a full-on synthesizer.

Alright mahalin, that went over my head a little, but It sounds like that’s the way I want to go. If you could just give me some keywords so I could search that stuff, I’ll put in the effort to search and learn it :smiley:

Yeah mahalin! That is very cool!. You could take that piano idea and make a drum machine!. Does anyone know how to make it easy to load sound files from audacity to quickly customize the available sounds without going into the logic bricks or rewriting the python script?