Creating Proxies from multiple linked obects at once

Hi there, I am using blender for all sorts of small objects for a year now, but I never really worked with linked objects. Now I am working on a bigger project and I want to benefit from the linking feature to organize my project more efficantly. Now to my problem:

I want to link multiple objects from one blender file to another, which works fine. But when I try to animate the linked objects, I have to first create a Proxy from the linked object, right? Now, with the shortcut alt-ctrl-p I can only creaty one proxy at a time, which gets really tedious with the amount of objects I need to link.

Is there a better option to create multiple proxies at once?

Hmm, I don’t know of a way to do that. Everything you want to animate has to be made a proxy and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that en masse to multiple objects at once. This might be a good area for a script or patch, a nice feature to add.

How many objects do you really need to animate in your scene though? Are you trying to link in an army?

An Army? Kind of. I want to animate several products consisting of several parts. Like an Camera, a TV Set and such. They are fairly high in detail and the concept is to have all the screws and lids fly of, like in an explosion. So my attempt is to have the Camera, TV and all other products stored nicely in their own blend-file. Then I want to link them in into my layout-file, where only the animation-data is stored. But this seems to be a hassle because of the way to create the proxies for all the screws and stuff.
I don’t want to append all the high-detail-geometry, which would be easy, because then the layout-file will become large and it defeats the purpose of having the parts stored in their own blend-file.
Maybe their is a good reason for creating proxies one by one? I don’t see it though :eyebrowlift2:

Are you using groups? It’s always good practice to link in only groups anyway but that might be especially useful in this situation.
It depends how you plan on setting up this animation. If you want to animate each part by hand then I don’t think there’s a workaround unless you put them all into consolidated objects and used bones to control the parts maybe.

Hm, I thought about using Bones, too. But this seems like a hack, because I dont need a skeleton for things that just explode. I thought of using the proportional editing feature and just keeing the positions individually.
I tried linking a group, but still have the same problem of having to make the proxies one by one. Or is there a way to link a group and animating it, without the use of proxies?
Thanks for your fast replies, btw!

You can’t animate a group without making a proxy first. You actually wouldn’t need to merge objects even to use bones. An armature could be set up to control multiple objects. Putting all the parts of the tv in the same group along with an armature for example would make linking a lot easier and you’d only need to create a proxy of the armature.

I haven’t done a whole lot with linking. I’ve only just recently started using it and so far I’ve only been linking in characters and non-animated parts of sets.

Another option might be to animate the explosions in the individual object files separately and then link them together. If you want interaction between them all though that wouldn’t work so well.

I see. Maybe I try using an armature. That would only work, if I find a way to animate the parts without having to add a Bone for every part though. Like binding only the origins of the parts to bones, but not the vertices themselves. Tricky …

Are you sure you’re not just making this more complicated than it has to be?

No :slight_smile: You might be right. I just like idea of using the linking feature :smiley: I think I will animate the objects in their blend-files and then link them in as groups. Might be the ways to go in this case.

Yeah, sometimes you just have to find a new workflow to work around the tools you’re given.

I think they should probably add a feature to generate multiple proxies at once though. Would be useful.

A friend of mine found a solution for just what my problem was. He wrote a script, that converts every linked objected selected into an proxy!

import bpy

def proxify(seq):
objs = seq
for ob in objs: = ob
bpy.ops.object.proxy_make(object="", type=‘DEFAULT’)


He put it under MIT License. His name is Martin Hoffmann.
(It seems I can’t post intended code? That’s a bummer … I linked it, though)

That’s cool. It does seem like something simple to implement. It’d be helpful if it could be committed as a feature.

i’m newbe, i prefer using a web proxy like :