Creating Raggidy Ann type Hair as a softbody


I’m attempting to create wool hair for an animated puppet. The hair should flop around like wool.

I’m thinking the best way of doing this is via softbodies. But it’s been a while since I worked with this. I notice I can no longer assign certain vertices groups of my object to create different softbody characteristics.

Looking at the new settings, I also don’t know how to make the head (a sphere) the collision object.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to what settings I should use to make a cyclinder (strand of woolen hair) in the softbodies settings, and what I should do to make the head a collision object?

Thanks in advance…

I’m kind of a softbody noob myself, but I think you would have to set the gravity quite low for a material like wool yarn. and you will probably have to set it for self collision too.

select the verticities you don’t want to be softbodies on the object & make them a new vertex group. When you do the soft body use that vertex group as the goal. That will make part of an object be soft.

But I’d still say this would be better with hair. I’d make a hair object (the yarn), particle paint it, apply it so it’s a mesh & then convert that to hair.