Creating ready-to-append blends?

I have an object consisting of multiple meshes, each of them got its own texture. I didnt create it but modified it a little bit. You can find it here:

Now, how can I append this into another file with all textures?

Appending (Shift+F1) ignores the fact that the object Bed has all other parts attached and just appends the frame.
So I have to append 5 Objects (what I want to get rid of) and it still ignores the textures.

What do I have to do to just have one Item (bed) in whatever library i’ll have to bake that got its textures with it without me worrying about them?

TIA, .rhavin

Could put them in a group and append a single group instead. Doesn’t ignore textures for me in either case.

You might not have applied your texture properly. It should normally not be removed in an append.