Creating Rooms With Blender [N00B Question]

I use Blender to model for my games. I have been using it for quite some time, and I have just gotten use to the interface. I have gotten used to creating simple objects, but I would like some help so I can create an interior for a building. Basically I need help on creating rooms. It’s for my games and I would like for my character to walk in and explore + shoot at things. I would like to know how to add walls inside my room and stuff like that.

I have tried some tips but none of them have really gotten the look I want. I would like to add that I’m NOT using the Blender game engine, but using Unity3D Game Engine. I’m just using blender to model/animate. I would like some help ASAP :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

are you having troubles with the rooms themselves, like doors and windows and stuff, or the stuff in the rooms, like sofas and tables etc?

I can make rooms and etc. but there simple rooms that are really just square/rectangle shaped. I’m having trouble with adding windows and doors I guess. Sofas/Tables and etc. are n’t much of a problem for me. I do them seperately then put them together in the game engine I’m using and assemble the room. The windows and doors are somewhat tricky, and I’m trying to create roooms that are more than just square shaped.

Have you used the loop cut tools? That is what you will need mostly. Loop cuts, extrusions, and adding and deleting faces. The hot-keys for these functions are:
Loop Cut: Ctrl R
Extrude: E
Delete Face: X
Add Face: F
It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the hotkeys for mesh editing, or it can go pretty slow.

Start from cube, enter W, select Subdivide Multi. I stated from >2 for image below. For different shape just extrude face out. That’s the quick and dirty way.