Creating Round Mesh Surfaces & Sharp Creases: Help Needed in Refining My Model

Hello again, I was wondering if I get some help with a model I’ve been working. I’ve gotten the basic shape of my model more or less down to how I want it, but I’ve been having a couple of issues in some of the finer details. These issues cover a number of different areas so I’ve opted to split them up into separate posts dealing with each issue individually.

For the first issue I’m having, in the red circled area of my model as shown on the left in the picture below, the highlighted area should look closer to the drawn image on the right. Unfortunately, I’m not sure quite sure on how I can give the highlighted a more rounded smooth surface, as using the Proportional Editing Tool tends to result in a more uneven surface on the mesh.

A somewhat similar issue can be seen in the picture below, where if you look at the where the red line on the head is, you can see based off the way the light is bouncing off the surface, an almost seam on the face that shouldn’t be there. This issue is further highlighted in in the pictures on the right, where when the head of the model is viewed from behind you can see that parts of the mesh are flattish rather round.

And lastly, I’ve been having some problems with making the mesh’s arms as rounded as the arm shown in the illustration on the right shown below: