Creating scene with 2.63 and dae model shows weird texture after going into edit mode


I made a model with DAZ Studio 4 and exported it in collada format (dae).

Then I created a simple scene with Blender 2.63 official on Windows 7 64bit, imported the collada model and looked on it in texture mode (with GLSL switched on). If I go to edit mode then, the face texture is totally messed up. Also if I select materials and want to activate the assigned vertices (press select button) no or the wrong vertices are selected.

If I create the same scene with Blender 2.62 everything works as expected. No edit mode texture mess!

I put two blend files (one with a working scene created with blender 2.62 and one with a not working scene and the edit mode texture bug created with blender 2.63) and the collada file on dropbox:



Greetings Josef,and welcome to the forums. Sounds like the vertex order is messed up on the imported models. I would consider simply using the Blender version that works for the time being, and possibly reporting this as a bug for 2.63.

BTW this should be posted in the support forum.

I tried to report this as bug but my bug report doesnt show in the tracker. This is the first time I try to do a bug report btw.

Ahm … can you send me the link to the support forum please :wink: ?

Edit: Btw -> thanks

Import the .dae file in 2.63 and I get the screenshot below. Textured viewport with GLSL shading. There does not seem to be a problem with the texture mapping.
In the problem blend file, the face is actually using the foot material


Hi Richard,

did you right click on the face of the char and go into edit mode, also?

That’s my problem: The scene structure seems to be changed by creating it with blender 2.53.

Maybe it has something to do with the wrong vertex order. I heard about this effect but don’t know if it’s the problem in my case here.

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