Creating Shapekeys for Character

I’m looking for someone to create ARKit blendshape shape keys (link below) for the Cookie Flex Rig file that I’ve attached.

I’m positive someone who’s more familiar with blender can do this. I can’t do it because I don’t know the ins and outs of blender.

My purpose is to use the shape keys for facial capture using my Iphone X and Rokoko Studio Facial Capture.

I can provide any further information necessary for the work, but it’s pretty straightforward.

I’m willing to pay whatever you think is fair compensation, so feel free to name your price.

ARKit Blendshapes:
Cookie Flex Rig File:

Ideally I should have the file back within a few days.

Thank you so much!

I can create all those Blendshapes.
You do realize the character is already rigged up with blend shapes driven by bones, correct?
When you mention ARKit shape keys, do you mean to say that this set of keys is what is necessary to drive your facial performance from the Iphone?

That would be a decently easy matter, but could break the drivers, so that the bones no longer correctly drive the blend shapes.

So if I’m understanding you correctly, you need that particular series of shape keys named that particular way so as to use the facial capture app, and you don’t need a specific driven rig on top of that?

I’m capable of this, yes. I’ll message you and we can discuss this further.

Hi @Ssingh27

I can help

It would be great if we have a discussion over Skype : cis.am3 or email me at [email protected]

Best regards

ive been creating 3d characters in blender for over 5 years now shape keys are easy and fun for me if you need good expressive shape keys send me an email
my artstation
my email [email protected]

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