creating skirt with cloth modyfier

Hi everyone. Anyone ever tried creating skirt like piece of clothing for an animated caracter? I’m trying but I’m not getting anywhere and there are no good tutorials online (all tutorials just cover only basics). My main problem is that the meshes keep penetrating each other during animation also after seting colision in physics menu for both of them. I also pinned my skirt and applied armature to it so it folows the main body movement and it just isn’t working. Advice, tutorials anyone??? thank you and sorry for my bad spelling.

and ur penetrating problem should be solved but when this increases the time of computation.
sorry i had forgotten the specific option but all is there so u can find it.

well i made a skirt animation a long ago and that turned to be completely successful.
but sorry cant upload the vid due to my net.

thank you for your help. I will try to work it out