Creating Sleak, Stylized flames on text.

Taking a look at the basics of the smoke simulator by setting text on fire. The goal here wasn’t to create photorealistic fire, but rather a stylized flame for use in motion graphics and title sequences. Enjoy!

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Good tutorial man, nicely explained and in a way I haven’t seen before. Keep em coming! Gratz on the youngen :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch.

I try to keep my tutorials from getting too complicated mainly because a large portion of my youtube subscribers are new to the software… so they are my target audience. Works out great because it gives me a chance to try and come up with new ways of making otherwise complicated effects.

now thats what i was looking for huge thnx :smiley:

Thanks for exiting tutorial, but I dont know how to clean up the mesh. Can you show me.

At 4.37 from the tutorial after convert to mesh ( limitted dissolve ) :wink: