Creating Start Menu Link

I installed Blender 2.63 on my Debian Squeeze system by downloading the tar file and extracting it into my home folder. It appears to be working fine. I mostly use it to create the 3D titles in Openshot, but would like to have a link to it in the start menu so I don’t have to start it from the file manager. I know how to create a desktop shortcut, but I normally have so many things open that getting to it is a real pain. Is there a fairly easy way to create a start menu entry for it? I’m not a complete newb, but if it involves a lot of command line stuff I will need some specific instructions.

Thanks in advance.

What is your desktop GNOME or KDE?
For the KDE it seems easy enough (with a little quirks, but solvable ;)):

If you have GNOME, it is quite similar; though you probably need to google bit more for your distro’s specifics.

If yo do have Desktop as a place where YOU manage what’s there (GNOME v.3 steals that ability from user), i would say, link icon in some upper/lower part is quite reachable, especially if you had some key to something like “Show Desktop”… I know, there should be such a functionality somewhere out there! And i suspect it’s much faster than GNOME’s v3 Applications…Hate that one!

Hope helps a bit…