Creating table

Hey everyone I need help in creating a table that will be used in a game that I am developing. I would just like to say that I am really new to using Blender software and will appreciate all the help that is given to me. I did some of the tutorials on WIKI which I found really helpful and decided to move onto the basics of my project. I started off by creating a circle. Now within this circle I would like to have a border around it. I would like to create a border that has an arch to it. I would like to replicate the border of a poker table that is commonly seen in a casino. The problem that I am having is that when I try and spin the arch around the circle it is spinning it from the cursor, but what I would like it to do is draw the arch all the way around the circle. Can anyone give me any pointers to the best way of doing this? By the way how to I attach what I have so far?


you need to store your pics either screenshot or render at somewhere like imageshack

In edit mode select the outer vertices and extrude (e key) then hit shift+s (scale) and extude outwards. move inner verts into desired shape.

Thanks for the help Nobody. I attached what I currently have. I set the SubSurf to 3 and it made the overall roundness more smooth. I was looking at the outline of the table and I am not happy with its roughness. What can I do to make the lines more uniform?

I was wondering what I can do for the next step on the design of this table. I plan on having chairs along with people sitting down. I also plan on having some text in the middle along with a leather texture for the padding around the table. I would like to know what the next best approach for me would be. Thanks.


In a game, the edges will nearly always look rough on a round object. So what I do to compensate would be to make it look intentional. Like a 12 sided figure or something. Most game engines that I know of won’t tak susurfed objects, not that you would want them anyway because they are high poly enough.

LBratzi: With out wanting to sound rude I would suggest that you read the Blenderwiki look at the chapters UV, Armatures & IK, Texturing and Mesh Modelling also under the heading “Repository” go to “models” following the links and download one of the models to see how other people go about it, this is an excellent way to learn.

Stick with it and good luck