creating text with python?

is it possible to access text-objects via python and alter them? i need that for a counter.

i tried the py-documentation with this:

import Blender
 from Blender import Text
 txt = Text.New("MyText")          # create a new Text object
 print Text.Get()                  # current list of Texts in Blender
 txt.write("Appending some ")      # appending text
 txt.write("text to my
")         # '
' inserts new-line markers
 txt.write("text buffer.")
 print txt.asLines()               # retrieving the buffer as a list of lines
 Text.unlink(txt)                  # removing a Text object

but what i get is only output in the console. any ideas how to make/update a 3d-text-object via python? big please with sugar on top.