Creating Texture Set

Here’s my problem: I have a texture color map, what I’d like to do is create a complete set from this color map (set: color map, bump map, normal map, specular map, and maybe a mask) However I’m completly in the dark about how to do this. I know bump maps are grayscale images however I’m not getting the results I’m looking for when converting to greyscale and I have no idea about how to make a specular map. I’ve got the normal map down (thanks to the gimp :D) but the others are giving me real trouble. Does anyone know the precise method that’s used to create these? Or better yet is there some sort of converter or generator that can do it? (you’d think there would be in all these years of texture creation).

Any help would be appreciated.

oh and btw if this doesn’t belong here could a moderator please move it to the proper place? thanks.

I don´t know of any formulas to do this. What I do is, I create additional layers above, select by color similiarty in the original image (e.g., all of the rust-colored areas in a metal plate) and then fill the selection in the new layers using a gray level that corresponds to the specularity index I want on that part of the texture. Takes some doing.

If there is a more straightforward method, well, this one always allows you some tweaking (I´m also waiting to see what I can learn from the other responses).

I don’t know how to make them either. But examples might help

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Download Magma SFTP - Panels

In blender, make a test object. Apply, for example Panel 2.
In the textures for the material:
Panel-2-color.jpg has a MapTo of COL
Panel-2-diff.jpg has a MapTo of REF
Panel-2-spec.jpg has a MapTo of SPEC
Panel-3-bump.jpg has a MapTo of NOR

Experiment with turning off all of the textures except for one and play with the VAR and NOR sliders so you can see what they do, then try combinations.

Then you can examine the textures with a paint program and see how they were made.

I did examine the textures and they all look like they’re just filtered modifications of the main image. Thus why I was wondering if anyone knew what filters they were or if there was a program that can apply the changes made just for that purpose.


I have a nice solution , but it is not free…

Zbrush does exactly what you are looking for, but it takes some practice.

It’s funney you mention that because I just got Zbrush about 1 month ago. But I didn’t see any options for doing what I’m looking to do. (Creating map sets out of photographic images.) I’ll look into it again.

EDIT: okay so I looked into it but I still don’t see anything that looks like what I’m looking for. Could you (or anyone else here) tell me what I’m supposd to be looking at? (sorry for sounding really dumb but Zbrush was a gift so i didn’t go out and buy it with any intentions)

Any one? Any idea’s?