Creating Textures From Scratch?

I’ve seen for a lot of really nice work, people use a 2D art program, most often Photoshop to create textures for their models. I was wondering how you would go about this and what the workflow would be like. If there are any good tutorials on the subject matter, could you please provide a link below?

basically, you unwrap your object and export the UV layout from the image editor and open it in the software of choice and then simply paint it then save it and open it again in blender as an image texture. it can be difficult though if you have a complex object as you need to paint to conform to your UVs which can mean painting a wierdly distorted image.

it is probably better to use blenders texture paint and paint directly onto your model, which paints the UV map correctly. then you can simply export the finished image into PS/GIMP and make any tweaks you need to the texture. then bring it back to blender as a finished texture image.

there’s an add-on called ‘texture paint plus’ that has more functionality than the native tool set, such as a line tool for making straight lines.
(edit) a link: