Creating The Same Text Trail Effect From 2.79 in 2.93 HELP!

A good friend of mine Khiam Mincey, created the Blender file in 2.79 end rolling credits with blue trails. I’ve attached the file to this post…

Essentially the box underneath the text is multiple planes about 50 times joined together, then with the settings creates a kind of infinity mirror effect. Allowing text trails to appear without a separate layer.

Now I’ve tried to import the file into 2.93 and it imports, but obviously the trail effect is lost, I think it has something to do with Halo settings?

Obviously I want to recreate the effect in Blender 2.93 but I don’t know how to recreate the settings which are obviously different from 2.79 to give me the same result in 2.93. Any help with be greatly appreciated. :grinning:

Link to Blender File For Credits 2.79 version.*_YmM2OTU3NDRkNmQ2NDUyODllOTY1NzBlNTZlOTRiYjA=

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I never was very familiar with multiple scenes so i went only after the smear effect. Something like this ?:

Need some sleep now. Will do some node cleanup. Had some better results but my machine crashed on the tweaking (i3 and no dedicated graphics card).

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That’s looking like the way I want it, i’m not familiar with the smear effect in Blender, I’ll be interesting to see your clean up node layout when you have the chance! Have a good sleep.

Your original was doing something like a magical mirror repetition with very little distance. First i deleted all but one face from the 100 plane and tried a array modifier… but cycles is going to heavy with real light relections, so i just composed the reflections by reszing the image… the text has now an emmission… maybe a global light would do too ?
On 2.79b this needs 1:30 for one frame on my PC, with 2.93 only 0:50. (i deleted the mp3 from the file to make it smaller)
Superman-End-Credit-Generator-293-simple6.blend (1.4 MB)

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Is the text layers still edible as I can no longer change the text?

At full 100% takes about 9 seconds to render the frame on my iMac.

Hmm??? Edit mode as usual… IDK is 2.8/9 acting differently as 2.7 ??? (didn’t used text very often).

I was having a blonde moment, yeah does work, the edit was at the bottom of the text frame :slight_smile: thank you very much Okidoki i’m going have a go recreating the whole thing with your new settings :slight_smile:

You have been massively helpful my friend

This was interesting and i’m now more aware of the problems of multiple semitransparent planes… and learnt a lot of compositing (color corrections or tweaking are horror for me ).


Here is a quick animation I did with your file, is there a way of keeping the streak blue from fading in and out at the start and end and keeping it solid throughout?

Credit Test Video

Maybe, because i’m doodling arround with an even easier solution :wink: in the meantime i remembered that i was trying different render settings … anyway this fading comes from the compositing , my new solution does work differently have a quick preview (start should be moved) :
EEVEEthinglas_notWorking_blackEnvironment_new_superman.blend (148.6 KB)

Okay now :slight_smile: … time to play. I don’t remember if i played around with your rendersettings or tested it on an other file, so this time: import your file into 2.9 as you like, but i would suggest to increase Cycles: Render Properties → Sampling: Render more then 10 (default is 128?). So i would hide/delete you magic mirror and disable compositing, then setup the text as in my example file (MatSuper). What i did: simply a solidify modifier to make the text looooonnnngggg and hen the trick is in the material… more in the blend file. (Have to re-build you own now, and because of this it’s now less then 200KB.)
MatSuper.blend (166.2 KB)

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Okidoki, you are amazing!

How do you have all this time… to help so many people?

Are you on the Blender payroll, or independently wealthy or living with your parents?

Thank you from all of us!

On the blender pay roll… that would be fun. You might suggest this to the foundation :heart_eyes:. No, i just spent my time for things i like (and not feeding trolls for example :wink: ) and even learn some things on that. (My profile: i3 with 8GB and no extra graphiccard)… you have to think before hitting F12 … (oh i will insert this)

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