Creating the Space Shuttle

Hey everybody! :smiley:
I need help creating or using a model of the Space Shuttle. Where would I start? I just started to model but my results are pretty crappy. Is there a tutorial/model downloadable that I can use?

If not… then what are some good textures I can do?

THANKS! :wink:


Get a backdrop of the shuttle. Best would be to have backdrops of the front and of the side with the same proportions/measurements.

Because it is higly unlikeable you’ll find those, you might get a side picture and estimate the front.
Browse pics and sketches of that machine and study it, so you get a feeling for the proportions.

Dont worry about the textures. You will be busy modelling for quite some time. Just keep in mind you will have to texture it at some point. So it might be a good idea to build the thing using several seperated objects - so unwrapping them will be much more easy.

I used to model in Lightwave years ago and I just recently got into 3D again. So maybe my advices don’t make sense at all, but I’m pretty sure some modelling and texturing basics didn’t change.

have fun!


Thanks man! Honestly, I’ve been working with Blender for about a year now… and I never thought to do a side shot with the background pic! Sometimes the most simple thing is lost in a search for an advanced option…

Will work on it now!


you’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you google space shuttle blueprints you get a fairly decent result, FYI.

And, IMO, setting the image to be the texture of a UV mapped plane and building in potato (textured) mode is better than setting the background picture. You can view it in 3d space and it won’t shift with your view.

interesting method.

but won’t you see the texture only if you strech the model so the texture will be projected/visible?

Note: The shuttle has already been done , you can import the mesh
if you wish from Celestia in 3DS

You can have complete DWG from NASA at

Nasa Book

Have fun


I checked those sites… where is the model again?

check on

then go to spaceship there are several Space shuttle in 3DS

and many satellites

and then youv got the other kin of spaceships also in fictional


if you have the before last version of blender the import works fine for 3DS

sorry about the latest 2.42 not working ?

by the eay there are lots of 3DS Shuttle other then theone done in CMOD


How can I import or use CMOD, though? I just posted a topic about it a few hours ago, but no one has replied?

What is CMOD anyway?


I asked the question about CMOD a few months ago and never had an answer too !

what script are you talking about ?

The script to import .3ds files. I can’t seem to get that to work either!

I find it quite amazing that these drawings are available, in such detail too. In PDF format for easy download, to top it off.

I finally found a .wrl model that at least will get me started. But it will be great if you all will tell me if you find a .3ds or .cmod or .max importer. But thanks for the great help anyway!


can you put tthe URL for this WRL files


But why don’t you load the 2.39 Blender - the 3DS importer is working in that 2.39 version

and it’s only a question of time before there is a correction for the 2.41

Okay. That makes sense. I went back to 2.38 and tried it… and it didn’t work. But here’s what I just found out.

there is a great converter for all kinds of files. I just found it today.
Click the first link.

There’s only 3-4 types Blender can import that the program will export, but it imports many files just fine.

Go there and download it!

(Thanks for the grat advice, too!)