Creating Tires

I’m currently working on a series of tutorials on car modeling. The first tutorial I’ve written up is modeling tires. There are a ton of way sot do it…but I’ve found this method to be easy and forgiving

the source for the image I use is

and lastly a good source for tread

Wow, very handy. Great tutorial

Yes very handy, boomarked xD keep doing the other parts.
Be well.

Instructive and clever, indeed. Bravo.

Hey do you think you can help me with something how do i get the camera to follow the car im not talking about that shitf click every thing make parent crap i mean i want it so when i move the car the camera moves I fyou could give me a very very detailed step by step guide i would greatly appreciate it

Wow, thats super cool!

Nice job!
I can’t wait for more about car modelling!

Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve got a problem though. I can’t get the array to work like you described. I’ ve set everything according to your screenshot but my arrayed tire thread gets “warped” (see attachment). I’ve tried this three times now and I always ran into the same problem.
What might be wrong?


Thanks and it looks easy too!