Creating Titanic in blender

Hello everyone.
I’m in the wrong fourm but maybe you can help me I’m creating titanic in blender and below is the refrence pictures I got does anyone know how I would go by creating this.

Thanks for your help.


your indeed in the wrong forum, you could better post this in the WIP. But i think you could use this pic’s but i think it’s a much better idea to search for blueprints of the titanic, and use them as a background, and model with them.

And thange the topic name to: Creating Titanic in Blender(pleas move this to the WIP)

or something like that

You really need to work with blueprints with hull sections to accurately model the hull.There is tutorial in the blender 2.3 guide on how to do this and skin(surface) the hull.

The more pictures, plans etc the better. It is hard to have too many resources.Some site like 3dcafe may have a predone model to get the basic hull, import into blender and put all fine detail,superstructure, textures etc on that.

Good Luck

Dr S

Thanks guys I’ll start looking around.