Creating Tubes Using Belzier Curves (Help!)

In a help thread earlier I was redirected to the following tutorial:

And in this tutorial he uses tubes created by Belzier curves and he does this by:
“by adding a Bézier curve, adding a Bézier circle, and using the Bézier circle as BevOb of the Bézier curve. Then convert that to a mesh (ALT-C) to be able to deform it with an armature.”

Where is the BevOb function in the interface? Is there are tutorials with more in depth information on modeling with belzier curves?

Thank you for you answers.

With adding a curve, you should see the F9 panel under Curve and Surfaces a block that says ‘BevOb’ and there you type the name of the curve that you will use for bevelling your curve. Hoses usually need a CurveCircle to be used for that - remember to scale down the Curve Circle to change the diameter of your hose.:smiley:

To achieve your goal it is much more comfortable to use a short tube with the new Array modifier combined with the curve modifier.

In the Array modifier set the “length fit to the curve” and activate “merge” and alter the “Limit”
Now deform the tube object with the “curve” modifier.

I posted a quick tut in this thread
Hope that’s of some use :slight_smile: