Creating UI components with Blender

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to do this for awhile, but I don’t like my results. I am trying to create some UI image files that look like a glassy button, or whatever UI component I am trying to make. I thought it would be quite easy to create a button model in Blender, slap a material with some Ray effects on it, and I would get a “glassy” looking button to render to an image file. But, I don’t like the results. The button looks dull: like a plastic instead of a glass. Has anyone ever used Blender to create image files for UI components? I looked on the Internet, but I couldn’t find any information on using Blender this way.

While anything can be done with anything, I think you’re wasting your time. No offense intended.
You can do that with Photoshop or GIMP within minutes. It’s more appropriate and there are many tutorials on the Internet.

No offence taken. Whatever is the fastest that’s what I want. I just thought Blender would be fast, but if GIMP is faster than I will try that out.