Creating underwater scene?

I’m working on a project trying to create an underwater scene, but I’m not sure how to go about this as I have never tried it before. I’m going for a dark, translucent, deep sea environment with which to put a submarine. I want the water to look very thick and translucent, so the back end of the sub shouldn’t be very visible.

How would you reccomend creating this type of scene? What type of lighting should I use?



Play with the mist settings, the world color and try some negative lights. Volumetric spots look good as submarine lights also you may want to add some marine snow. I like doing underwater stuff I think it works good in 3-d mostly because not that many people know what it really looks like.:wink: Do an image search and try to find something to look at thats not lit with a flash as examples.
good luck and please share some of your images. also do a search here their are quite a few treads that deal with under water light.

An example .blend
This is an example I made tonight it does not have any negative lights but you should try them if your sub is big use the sphere setting and keep them small.
I used this script for the snow. I extruded some of the verts that were in view so they might look like deep sea life. I found it on Blenderartist I cant find the author right now.
I tried to include the script with the .blend but I don’t think I got it.
I wanted this to jump up so I double posted not edited. sorry if thats a problem.

That looks like what I need. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to download the blend. The page keeps saying there is a session error. I’ll PM you with my email address, so you can send it there. Thanks for the help!

About these negative lights. What exactly are they, and how should I use them? What type of lamp should I use?

I’ve been playing around with the negative lights and I can’t seem to figure out how to use them. All they do is make all my objects black. Am I supposed to use a non negative lamp along with the negatives?

I don’t know if they are rendering different now in 2.42 (probably not) but I am not having good results this time:o. I used them once with a sea monster and it helped with the fade out . They work just as you may imagine a flash light that casts shadow instead of light. The color is also reversed.

I watched K19 last night to get a good idea of how the sub should look underwater. I think I’ve gotten the water looking good, but I can’t get the lighting right. I’ll post a WIP later so you guys can give me more advice.

put your gravity to 0.