Creating UV map on a material

Is it possible to assign an UV map to materials? I have created materials with textures and I need an UV map on it. Is there a way around this?


Short answer, yes.

Here’s a begining introduction

here’s a tutorial using LSCM and seams

and here’s a discusion of a new featrure in developement

You can also asign procedural materials to UV coordinates, but positioning is bit more tedious as you have to render adjust render adjust etc. to get everything just right.

thanks for the help.

The thing I needed was a property called proctex which ignores a uv mapped image and assigns it to the materials

It’s also possible to bake a material to UV coordinates with Python scripts. One example, and script, can be found here
proctex is a Crystal Space module? Maybe the code is interchangeable with blender.

proctex is a proberty for assigning procedural textures uv map so it can be viewed in CS when exported.