Creating Vertex Paint value on a vertex directly?

Hello, I have this question about vertex painting.

I have two models, the first one is lowpoly mesh with vertex paint, the second one is of similar shape, but more detailed and has no vertex paint on it. Basically I need to create as similar vertex paint on it as possible. Re-painting it by hand is too slow and the output isn’t sattisfying. Also I cannot bake the vertex colors to the texture that could be shared, since the unwrap is a bit different on both meshes and is using tileable textures, so it’s overlapping.

Is there some way to access the color information on the vertices directly and somehow copy/paste it manually to vertices on the other mesh? Or any other solution for this?

Baking vertex paint from one object to another

That is exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile: