Creating verticies for a shape

(mkultra) #1

So from two 2D planes i created a new shape by connecting verticies and deleting edges.

Now i’m left with a shape without verticies (so my UV-map i had on the planes is gone, obviously).
Is there a way to just automatically add verticies or do i have to manually add them (what’s the best way to do that?)

Here’s my example shape



(mkultra) #2

No one?

I’ve googled it said “Hold CTRL key and click the left button of your mouse” this did not work though (to add a verticie), but there’s so much outdated info out there (i’m on 2.79b).


(dan) #3

It’s ctrl-right mouse after selecting a vert in edit mode, in the latest 2.8. You could just create a plane, select the face, hit x and delete only faces to achieve that example shape.

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(mkultra) #4

Thanks Dan! No verts to select if i don’t have any though?

yeah the above was just an example :slight_smile:


(Photox) #5

It would be pretty unusual to create something by “deleting edges”

more common is using extrusion on edges, and by creating faces manually by selecting 3 or 4 verts and hitting f to make a face from them.

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(mkultra) #6

I see, i’ll try that.

But isn’t there a way to put in a vert on a mesh, other than e.g using the knife to cut from one part to the other?


(Photox) #7

you can duplicate a vert by selecting one vert and hitting shift d enter. or shift d x, moving along x axis and hitting enter. You now have a rogue vert floating in space. if you select two verts and hit f you create an edge. select 3 or 4 and you create a face. usually you select a bunch of edges and hit e to extrude.


(Photox) #8

what exactly are you trying to make?


(dan) #9

sure, you can switch on snap during transform (the little magnet), and set it to face.

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(mkultra) #10

Cool, thanks!