Creating virtual 360 Panorama


I’m testing blender for architectural visualizations and I was wondering if it’s possible to create a virtual 360 panorama images?

Is the option “panorama” the solution for this kind of presentations? (doesn’t work jet under Cycles)
I did some test with this option but the projection isn’t working well. The main problem can be the man at the computer!

I’ll try more but if someone have more information … it’s welcome.

Reference website:

I have to agree, i have tried panoramic render and put in the particular piece of software, I got something weird, where the camera was at nearest to the wall, I would expect curved lines but there were something like corners (of course in model there were none!)
u know of this source of course, dont you:


come in v2.63

try MicroRender it has fisheye lens(180 and 360) and equirectangular camera lenses(360x180)…

Fully compatible with blender easy to install,
and has a demo version with small watermark.

i just tested it on a Church scene that i made and it works with “equitangular”
i imported the image into cycles as enviroment and it looks good. :slight_smile:

for equitangular. Render the image at 8000x4000(i rendered my mine at 25% just to test)

here are a couple equitangular maps i made with MicroRender just now to test.
they are similar the only difference is in the second one i moved the
camera more to the center of the room,
and i changed the camera type from blender default to Cannon 600D just to see what it would do.

Open Blender turn on Cycles, Go to the World tab, click the little dot on the right side of “Color”
in the pop up choose “environment texture” open the image texture.
For viewport shading choose “rendered view” move around the scene and look around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Put a mapping node and a texture coordinate(generated) onto it
and with the mapping node you can change the camera focal length,(with scale)
make the image wider longer etc… move around with location… fun fun…

@TS1234 and pitat450: Thanks for the links. I saw them before on the internet but they don’t give me the result I was hoping for.
@Holyengma74: The pictures you posted in the forum, are working in the FSPviewer (PTViewer). Thank you. I will try the microrender in the next week and give you my results. See you later.

newer builds of Blender( seems to work with cycles and making
these images just check “panorama”.

Set your image size to 8000x4000 (1x1 aspect ratio)
you can render smaller size than that, but the 8k-4k will set it up nicely.

IF you can render it at 8k-4K when you do open it as an IBL it will look fantastic.

I made a classroom and rendered an equitangular with microrender overnight lastnight at 8k-4k it took
6 and 1/2hours on my system non-overclocked, turned out pretty good. :smiley:

here is a link to some free sIBL environments.

i made a classroom environment scene and used one of these sIBL’s as the outside world…

here is the file
(took a while to render and after,
i just noticed that i messed up and one of the windowblinds
on the right side doesn’t have a top part. )

sheesh… anyhow here it is…

microRender Equitangular 8Kx4K (png converted to jpg 96%) Class Room you can render it at 8k-4K when you do open it as an IBL it will look fantastic.

here is an Equitangular HDRi environment map of the inside of a house, i just made…
the upstais rooms aren’t finished…

to view this you can use the nice program fspviewer,
or put it in cycles as an “environment map” and render the view port.
(you can use this in MicroRender as well as a world texture set to equitangular,
Check Horizon, uncheck blend))

@TS1234: indeed 2.63 does it. I read over your “come in V2.63” note.
I downloaded the latest version of blender (2.63 testbuild 2) and indeed the “panorama” function is working. This is great because I don’t need an external render engine.

In the link below you can find a testrender with cycles. I made it with 8000x4000 resulotion like you say it before. I had some problems with rendering the file: cycles with GPU crashed my GPU-card. No problems with cycles in CPU mode.
The render took about 11 hours before the fireflies disappeared.

Realy thank you for the information.
I’ll try the microRender in the near future.
Do you know the pros and cons between cycles and microRender? Is there a reason to use microRender now the cycles panorama function works?

Great work and great information, thank you.
Chair credits: hugoferreira from blenderswap

microRender is faster than Cycles especially on just the CPU.
Also Microrender has a Fisheye lenses (If you need that, for making angmaps)
that scene would render faster on Microrender i bet.