Creating VR and/or 360 renders in Blender

Hi Everyone,

I am researching and looking to develop my skills to cover VR and 360 videos. It has been a great interest of mine and something I have been wanting to add to my portfolio. Plus my CEO of my current job is really interested in branching out in this area.

I am struggling to find the right resources to help me get started for Blender. I have ordered myself a google cardboard and my husband owns a occulus rift so hardware so I can get testing on the basics.

Any suggestions or comments would be great.

VRAIS is a good vr viewer tool put together by some blender developers. Cycles is fully capable of rendering stereo 360 images, using a panoramic camera set to equirect mode, enabling views in the scene tab activates the stereo mode.

There’s a lot more intricacies than that, so if you run into issues, feel free to ask more questions

What we miss here is opengl/viewport panoramic output for previews and eevee output! Equirect pano camera(s) are working only with Cycles and BI atm.

I have run into an issue. My work PC crashes during the render and I am unsure as to why. I added some animation to my scene (flock of birds) that I want to test and upload to youtube. But it just keeps crashing my PC.

While I was working from home someone from IT got in and updated my version of Windows 10 to 1703 which from what I have heard is very unstable. Has anyone else had this issue?

OK I think I have found the issue is that I am maxing out my CPU with the flock of birds which is a particle effect. I reduced the number to 10 instead of 50 and managed to complete a render without crashing. However this seems odd as I have a very high powered machine that was built specifically for rendering 3D models. Is this a clash between particle simulation and stereo 3D rendering? Is this an issue with Windows 10? Is there something wrong with my hardware?

Machine is just over 6 months with about 5 fans installed with 32 GB of RAM and an Intel Xeon 3.60 GHz processor

If I render at low resolution it is fine but when I up the samples it crashes. Is there a way of rendering to .tga or .jpg instead of an .mp4 file?

Hi. Does anyone know the right settings for the 360 renders to have a good 1to1 representation in the vive.
I used the vrais tutorial settings and mapped it to a sphere in unity. I am looking from the correct viewpoint with the vive but everything is a little big. scale around1.2
Changing some fov parameters from stereo cam im blender has no effect.
Does anybody has some tips?