Creating walls with windows and an elevator door [Help needed]

Hello! I am new at using Blender, I have previously played around with 3ds Max, however I have decided to try something else. I have never been a very experienced 3D artist… Anyways!

I am trying to create a scene… I want to illustrate a penthouse suite, and for that I have some ideas of how it should look. My first problem is that the walls won’t act the way I want them to! So I hope you guys can give me a little push forward with my project ;)!

This picture shows the wall with normals toggled on, the small boxes in front was purely for meassuring where I wanted my elevator door and windows. You won’t be seeing more than this of the wall. However, when I am going to add windows, an elevator and perhaps a balcony on the other side of the windows, I really need the wall to have some depth.

On this picture you can see how it went wrong for me… I added solidify, but the walls won’t act the way they were supposed to. I have tried to check some videos of how to create walls and how to fix the normals, and this was the best result.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone knows the answer to my problem :)!

Tick even thickness in the solidify settings.

To control the normals do the following. Turn on the normals for the faces instead of the vertices. Then you can select the faces that ones point in the wrong direction and choose flip normals.

I usually work with face normal (not vertex) so I might be wrong

but you wall seems to have normals going both ways on left hand side (pic 1)
try a recalculate then add solidify tick the box for even thickness
hope that helps

and it is working! Thank you guys! :smiley: