Creating Water

I am trying to create a view looking down on some boats on water, however being a newbie I am facing some difficulty in the task. Whenever I render the water (a plane which I have colored blue and shaped to differing heights), the effect is very strange and fragmented. I am trying to get a picture I can upload but in the meantime are there any suggestions of what I could try doing (the water is untextured).

Follow that and you should be right. :wink:

That url didn’t seem to like me :frowning: is down atm. Try using “set smooth” in the editing panel. Also, what sort of light did you use?

I was using 3 Lamps, I have now changed 2 of them to spotlights but it still isn’t great.

Set Smooth just made the water go all sort of streaky :o :-?

Enter edit mode, select all vertices, go to edit buttons, klick ‘Rem Doubles’.

After that you may use ‘set smooth’ and have a look at bump maps which will give you much better results.

If the above method doesn’t do the trick, go to object mode, select the water and delete it. I bet the water is still there. The problem is that you have either double vertices or double objects on the exact same position.

Nico my friend you are a certifiable GENIUS!!! Many thanks!

those streaks can be fixed by going into edit mode, selecting all verts and press CTRL-N. A dialog will popup Click on recalulate normals outside which is the only option. Use set smooth. it smooths out those ugly faces which means a lower sub surf level which equals faster render. :smiley:

Hope it helps


Thanks. Tell that my boss 8)
But I guess the ‘double vertex’ ranks high in the top ten beginner mistakes.

Thanks. Tell that my boss 8)
But I guess the ‘double vertex’ ranks high in the top ten beginner mistakes.[/quote]

Is there any time when you would want double vertices? Would it not make sense to have this as a user interface flag that by default removes double vertices automatically AFTER mirroring, rotating operations etc. but NOT immediately after duplication.

I hear 2.35 will automatically do the flipping of normals outside removing the need to do CTL-N.