Creating your first game

I know that people like to think that making games is some sort of esoteric art that only druids can learn from the mouth of other druids but it isn’t.
Pong is a game and it is not difficult to make. Donkey Kong is a game and it is not hard to make. And we could go on forever.
I said that I do agree with what has been posted here, it all makes sense in the big picture. But if we’re talking to someone that is trying to make his first game then, in my opinion of course, all this good stuff will do nothing but scare him away.
That’s because his first game will be something in the line of “I have a guy that jumps and picks up stuff” and we’re saying him “ok, cool, now before anything you have to write this five thousands page long document about what happened since the bing bang”…
I’d like to stress that I say this in the context of “your first game”.
If we were talking about successful games, top notch stuff and things like that I would agree 100% with everything that has been said here. You can’t make a triple A withouth triple A resources, including skills and best practices and everything.

@agoose77 to. I think the point comes from experience agoose77. but not without reason pgi. excuse my English. use google translator