Creating your own font (for bge)

I thought this might be helpful for somebody with a “do everything” attitude, instead of having to download or find fonts you like.

The results can be quite cool, with hardly any time.


Thanks a lot for this, I used to make all my own fonts but I lost the program I used, then i couldn’t find a good replacement. Everything is either too uncomfortable to use or costs a bomb.

A free service that is easy to use is just what I was looking for! :smiley:

half life used custom fonts for the weapon icons in the UI

you could use the extra letters á etc, and put weapon or power up icons down there,

Awesome glad you found it useful!

You can add heaps of additional symbols like Ü and á, all at the bottom of the sheet, I’m not sure about adding the icons though.

Thanks for sharing this… really cool stuff.

Sad that the site doesn’t support Latvian language.:frowning: