Creating your own Showreel tutorials, any out there?

Hello everyone,

Since it’s nearing the end of 2012, and I have an extensive collection of 3D artworks, I was wondering if there are any tutorials out there on creating your own showreels with any of the following programs as the video maker:

Blender 3D
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Microsoft Powerpoint

I understand how to make basic video animations in Blender 3D but was wondering if there are any tutorials on transitions such as a “fade to next image” or “appear in tiles” etc. kind of a way.

Thanks in advance.

There are tutorials out there. Key words are “auto slide show with fadeing”:

Based on your list or “tools” Blender is your only option to make a movie show reel. Your show reel show vary based on what you are trying to achieve. My show reel is for the end customer. They don’t care what tools I used to make it, or if the mesh is perfect, or how I used the lights, or where I made the texture. All they care is that their project is done on time and it looks good. All my show reel is, is a bunch of clips from my finished projects from 2012 put to music. The only transition I use is a cut. I could have made it in movie-maker if I needed to.

However, my show reel is pretty much useless if I am looking for a job on a production team, because there is no breakdowns, no showing different skills I might have on a production team. For this you would might want to transition between (say) a turntable of the model and a wire frame of the model to show off your modeling skills. Maybe showing your animation with the bones showing, or a breakdown of how you used the compositor to add occlusion or a specular layer or lights. So you are probably not looking so much for “transitions” but more fading one layer onto another.

Google “Blender VSE tutorial” and you will be rewarded with a ton of instructional videos that will help you learn to put together clips using fades, time remapping, and more.

And last music. For my show reel, it is important because the end user needs that. For a production team show reel you can add music, but the person watching will probably have the sound off.

Well I hope you found an answer in all that… :wink:

Have you have visited Reel Roulette, check it out? You can see the good, the bad and the ugly. Try not to include tutorial work in your reel. Almost every reel on that website has some kind of greyscale gorilla or video copilot tutorial piece. Rise above the amateurs.

I appreciate the advice that you have given me place57 as well as the “Blender VSE tutorial” tip. My audience are friends so my showreel would be quite informal.

To Atom:

Since I’m showing to my friends as a sort of a “progress timeline” I would include some of my amateurish work in my showreel just to be used as a comparison/reference to my later works as well as some creations made by following tutorials. By any means, my showreel isn’t a best-of-my-best per and I see it as very unlikely that I’ll be sending it to that website mentioned above. However, I still appreciate the link so that I can see others work and how I can go beyond that. Thanks again!

I’m quite familiar with powerpoint and, due to some time crunches, I might use that instead of Blender’s video making for my showreel (though I may still look through some of those Blender VSE tutorials in the near future anyway). Thanks for the suggestion ridix!