Creation of 3D scenes from photos

Hi. Just making my first attempts to take a photo (with two or more objects in the scene, with some depth of field), and create a 3D scene based on it within Blender 2.68a

I get how to : separate out the elements within the photo (in Gimp), bring them into Blender using ‘Images as planes’, place them in 3D space according to their position foreground-to-background within the photo.

But I’ve been unable, when I come to setting camera movements to try to get a nice 3D effect, to avoid catching the holes…some of them gaping holes…between the photo elements on camera. The answer, I suppose,is to try to fill those gaps with texturing ? (which I’m trying, though I’m struggling to do it by mouse, as I don’t currently have a pen-and-tablet). Is that correct ?
Thanks in advance for any guidance offered-up.

I assume the gaping holes are in the background plane, where the foreground has been cut out. Without knowing what is in the photo, it is difficult to offer specific recommendations, but in general you might cut bits from the background and paste them into the gaps. If, for example, you have a foreground building and a backdrop of sky and treeline. Your backdrop has a building shaped hole in it. Fill the hole by selecting trees and sky adjascent to the gap, and pasting trees and sky into the gap. You may or may not need to blend or blur the pasted bits together to eliminate seams. A pen and tablet will make this go a bit quicker, but is not strictly necessary.

Yeah, you’ll have to do some cloning. Andrew Price has a good tutorial on this…

Steve S

Thanks, Orinoco. Yes, you’re right, I’m referring to spaces left in the background. Thanks for confirming the method. I think I may invest in a tablet, as I’m finding it difficult to use the mouse. Thanks again.

That’s great, Steve. As always, Andrew’s tutorial helps me a great deal. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll give camera mapping a try.