I want to post on this forum all the steps in the creation of my next character.
Please tell me what you think about it !


It’s ok for a start. But what are you going for (style, kind of character)?

I don’t know really what I will do…!! I don’t have any drawing… that’s just the feeling.

Now I have problems doing the smouth ! it’s very difficult, I don’t know how to do it ?
c&c ?


First leave a hole for the mouth in the model. Select the vertices along the hole and and extrude them (just hit E and ENTER because you don’t want to move them). Then you might scale the ring a little bit down, and move all forward.
Now repeat the extruding, scaling and moving to form lips.
You should aim at a slightly opened mouth, because it’s easier to finish it that way. Closing the mouth afterwards is very simple.

That’s exactly what I did but I’m not satisfied of the result !

I’ll try again…
the wip of the day, the mouth is always my biggest problem !