Creative Assets Management solution

Hi all.

I am involved in a project similar to the Orange Project, that will begin February next year, called the Tuga 3D Project (website will be ).
While the Orange Project has a small resident team, the Tuga 3D Project will be mostly done online.
Also, the Tuga 3D project will be done entirely by Portuguese artists.

With this one problem arises, the online management of the whole project!
So, I and some more people will be developing a global online creative assets management application.
This application will done in JAVA, hosted at SourceForge and released under LGPL / GPL .

The idea is to build the application so that it can manage everything related to this kind of projects from day one to release day.
Currently I need feedback, feedback from people that have already participated in such a project (online movie collaboration), on what this sort of application should feature, what would be great to have in it and so forth.

For this purpose I created a mailing-list that can be found here.
Check my first post on the list for some more intel on the features.

By the way, I will need some developers later on, that know JAVA, to help out on the Development.

Best Regards to all

– Rui Campos –

I could help you out with some Java coding.

However, you haven’t specified how you will implement it, so I can’t tell you much more than that.

A few possible implementations:

-Standalone app
-Applet with backend
-JSP app with bean backend
-Servlet app with class backend
-EJB implementation
-and many more…



PS: All the best on this project!

This sounds very promising and I’m interested in seeing what you come up with. Not sure what you have done or anything, but the online collabritive project forum at cgtalk have a few threads on team projects, – apparently there are going to be a few changes at cgtalk with reguards to team projects, I’m not entirely sure how or what they are going to do.

you might have to search–

plus you might want to download the demo of alienbrain-

Hope that was of some help, I’ve been waiting for something like this!