Creative Bundle Add-on Package

Almost done with the array updates.


When I last tried the add-on I found it didn’t play nicely with a Maya-navigation setup (Alt+LMB/MMB/RMB). Arguably it was awhile ago. Does it work better now with those controls?

I ask because I am really excited about all of these nice updates you’ve done and would love to use it.

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What do you mean? :slightly_smiling_face: The add-on doesn’t take over the nav controls or anything from the mouse buttons. In the draw mode, you can now freely navigate but again these are modal specific controls and will end as soon as the operation is confirmed or cancelled. Can you explain more?

Apologies for the delay in replying!

If I draw a Cut box to do some basic booleaning the default controls of Cuber are to draw the box, hit Spacebar to switch to “depth” mode, and change the size/depth of the box by holding Control. But if you want to move that box you hold down Alt to move it back and forth. However, this interferes with a Maya navigation scheme where you hold Alt + LMB in order to rotate the camera. So with these controls I’m unable to rotate the camera while I’m drawing out my booleans because it’s using Alt to move the cutter up and down.

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25.07. We’re still waiting for the Grunge Node tutorial.

Good heavens! I forgot. I’ll get right on it.

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I’ve tested it. I see what you mean. These controls are legacy and are really intuitive for the operator, to change them will a be huge overhaul and will also make the older video demos and tutorials useless. Recent updates does not offer a solution to this yet, but the next one surely will. I will have to think of a solution which keeps the old nav while making it work for the other keymaps.

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Recent updates are up!!! See the latest changes and future todo’s here…


Would it be an easier solution to simply make that key rebindable to something else? I haven’t tested it in awhile but I thought the Industry Compatible keymap uses the same navigation controls, which means anyone using that would have the same issue I am. Maybe just allowing that to be changed off of Alt would be a solution. Just throwing out the idea, I don’t know for sure if it’s the proper solution.

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Im currently using Ice tools reset and it’s now doing this

is this suppose to be like this?(symmetry turned on x Y and Z), seems like they are overlapping?

Stuff I currently found and not sure if they are suppose to do or not

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Just thought I’d double down on Dheim’s point about the draw tool’s incompatibility with the Alt MMB setup. Looking forward to the update addressing this!

Also, on a side note, I’m having difficulty using WASD for array. Both WASD and Shift+WASD are rotating the draw shapes.

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Press F to switch between Array and Rotation for the WASD hotkeys.

Can you share the blend file of this?

Also the stuff in your docs:

weird glitch with changing bevel width: overlapping bevel induced geometry on close proximity edges, need to make the width smaller to fix it.

alt+right click to bring up the selection menu, no bug here, menu only pops up when there are multiple objects underneath the mouse cursor.

The edit link modifiers paramaters like add subsurf, e.g. making belts or straps, press S to add a subsurf modifier, press A to apply (can undo when modal operation is confirmed).

Check out the upcoming updates for Creative Bundle add-ons.


I just solved the industry keymap navigation problem in modal operations, it will be included in the update.

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I guess I’ll never wait for the tutorial… :wink: 28d

Are these add-ons still being developed? I’ve got curious and started looking for videos and information around but most of the links seem to point to nowhere.

Oh man, he’s updating them all the time. He posts on Instagram ( probably once a week or more showing off the latest stuff he’s working on.

He also posts the same info on Facebook and Twitter. This thread isn’t very active for some reason but his other social media is and the add-on has made lots of big improvement.

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cuber in 2.83