Creative Bundle Add-on Package


(Dheim) #61

Just checking in to see if any progress was made on getting this new update release-ready. It’s been 6 days since the last post saying that these would be going to the stores tomorrow.

(Peetie) #62

On Twitter I’ve seen that Ian is working hard on it. The word “tomorrow” is used a bit different in each country is my real life experience. In the Netherlands for example it’s the next day, in some other countries it means: later, I don’t know when exactly. But I guess it’s somewhere between now and 1 1/2 week.

(iceking) #63

Tomorrow is tomorrow. :smiley: Unfortunately, since 2.8 is beta. it is constantly changing when I get to test the tools on the new versions something else is broken so I have to fix the scripts again and the updates are delayed again.

This time though, it’s for real. Please check you emails for the latest updates and fixes. There’s some notable changes to the workflows of the add-ons so I’ll produce another vid tomorrow.

(Peetie) #64

Thanks! I tried the updates and must say that Cuber and Ice tools are working excellent together. A nice combo. Seems to work with other addons as well. It took me a bit a time to get a good worklfow with Ice Tools, but can read and write with it now.

(NinthJake) #65

Tried it out. Everything seems to work fine and I like the view-based symmetry tools, really cool stuff!

Do you have some sort of roadmap for planned features?
I would once again like to request locking the shapes when beveling in cuber :stuck_out_tongue:

(iceking) #66

Roadmap is probably just simplifying the features that are already there. Making them faster and more intuitive. For the bevel lock, I’m still looking for an alternative way of hotkeying that since mouse drag works. If it locks in the first modal step, by executing the bevel shape the size of the cutter will still jump to the latest mouse position after that, the only way to resolve this is by doing another modal step (too many) or replacing the mouse drag hotkey.

Anyways, while I’m scripting away here’s a couple of quick doodles using the Creative Bundle.

(iceking) #67

Here’s a re-render of an old work testing the Creative Bundle. I haven’t tested the latest builds, my internet’s particularly slow this few weeks. So I’ll probably just work on the tutorial videos instead.

(Peetie) #68

I tried the latest build and it works all as expected.
Looking forward for the video’s!

(iceking) #69

Cuber Tutorial #1 Intersect Faces

Cuber Tutorial #2 Symmetry

Cuber Tutorial #3 Draw Functions

Cuber Tutorial #4 Quick Assign/Quick Select

Cuber Tutorial #5 Material Palette

(iceking) #70

Some small updates next week for Cuber and Ice Tools. I’m also working on porting Dyntopo Plus now.

(LuCa) #71


(LuCa) #72

Ciao Ian,
There is a strange behavior. When I want to start a draw cut or slice, the view immediatly positioned in the user ortographic it’s normal?. There is a way once designed the cut to be able to move (grab, scale, rotate)? Blender release 2019/01/10.


(Kouza Nagi) #73

Dyntopo Plus is the one I’m waiting for the most :slight_smile:

(iceking) #74

Yes. It’s normal behavior, see above video for the Draw Function. First step, it goes to ortho for you to shape the cut, then second step, you can then move around to define the depth of the cut.

(LuCa) #75

Sorry but I dont undestand!!..I just follow the video but mechanics seems doesnt work for me!

(iceking) #76

It’s simple. Just keep working with it. All the hotkeys are listed there.

  1. Shape the cut. (Viewport is static in this stage because script is view dependent)
  2. Define the depth of the cut. (You can move around using mouse nav so you can see how much the depth penetrates the design mesh)

(LuCa) #77

Ahhh…finally its all clear!..I dont notice multiple choice (cut method) when start cuts or slice! it works beautifully. :heart_eyes:

(iceking) #78

Doodling some sci-fi sword.

(iceking) #79

Using the Draw Link Mesh feature to create a basic axe.

(LuCa) #80

Please…more boxes!!..more screencast…more chickens!:blush::grinning: