Creative Bundle Add-on Package

I’ve updated both the stores, kindly check your emails. I’ve also added the Grunge Node product to the Creative Bundle as well.


Creative Bundle + Grunge Node.


When i load grunge_node_ev.blend from Creative Bundle and switch to lookdev view every time i have this error in terminal:

Address : 0x00007FF6092967EB
Module : C:\Blender2.80\blender.exe

Blender build from today

That’s odd. Can the nodes still be appended to another blend file? Does rendered view work?

Kindly unpack files embedded in the blend file then check again if it works.

It was a bug with w blender build.

In the latest builds it is fine.

Can You make tutorial explaining how to use grunge node?

Sure thing, by tomorrow. The blend file for now should at least give you an idea on how to tweak it.

Great! Yes i know how to tweak it. I would like to know it in 100%.
In particular, compositions and adding materials to other scenes.

Will dyntopo part of the bundle when it is ready? - looking at getting the bundle soon, perhaps today - will the releases be the same on gumroad and blendermarket? - I use both but have used the market more than gumroad in the past…

Yes. It will.

Recent buildbot seems to be making problems with the draw functions which I’m fixing now so you might have to regress to a build around late March until its fixed.

Both stores are updated at the same time.

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Thanks iceking :slight_smile:

Hi. I was wondering if the add-on is working with the latest blender builds or should I still use the late march version? Thanks

I’ve just updated both the stores. This comes with fixes to the draw functions and the symmetry operator for both Cuber and Ice Tools Pro. There’s also a small UI change to Cuber which exposes the duplicate material operator in the main pie menu.

Latest buildbot tested is on April10: blender-2.80.0-git.009dbc2bc9fb-windows64 version.


Thanks. I appreciate your work. I’ll go give it a go

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Do you create tutorial for grunge node?

Yes, but my internet’s pretty slow this past few weeks. I’ll try uploading again tomorrow.


Looking forward to this too. A grunge node tutorial.

I’ll be sending Gumroad exclusive links for those who bought Cuber and Ice Tools Pro individually and would like to have the Creative Bundle instead, it will be 40% off. Probably by tomorrow.

Modelled from reference using the Creative Bundle, the ghost knife, draw functions and symmetry operators helped a lot. Also, this will be the 3d model I will use for the Grunge Node tutorial.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’m currently porting Dyntopo Plus. This add-on will be part of the Creative Bundle.


Hello, this is where I’m at in porting Dyntopo Plus. I just have to add the Poly Cutter/Slice and maybe improve the UI a bit. The mask tools are now modal to make them work seamlessly with sculpt mode and also while using a pen. The mask extract operator has an option to remesh the extracted object with the hotkeys 1-9 for the octree depth.